Client Testimonials

I am so glad my husband noticed the ad for Nature’s Healing in the paper! Originally I booked a massage for back pain from a strain and Lisa not only helped me through massage but also the great advice she shared regarding natural pain remedies (ie taking a hot bath!) and stretches to help me recover. Also as a mom with a young toddler it is SO much easier for me that she comes to me and I can just have someone look after my son in my own house while I have my appointment!! I even booked “Mother’s Day Massages” for my mother-in-law and step mom all at my house and everyone absolutely loved them!! I would recommend this service to anyone, Lisa is very attentive and careful and has never caused me any pain or discomfort  (and I can’t say the same of massage experience I had before I found Lisa!), she also is able to help me relieve pain in areas of my neck no one was able to before. Just cannot say enough positive things about Nature’s Healing!

Jennifer Deen
Honeywood, ON

I received a massage with Nature’s Healing as a gift from my daughter-in-law and I was not sure what to expect as I had never had massage in my life. What a wonderful experience, I loved it!  I enjoyed the music, which was lovely and very calming, and massage itself was so relaxing and stress relieving! And to be able to shower and relax immediately at home afterwards, as opposed to having to travel from an office somewhere, was such a bonus! This is a great service when it’s difficult for you to leave your home when you don’t drive like me. It was a wonderful gift to receive.

Jane Weibus
Honeywood, ON

I’m a senior who has been enjoying Lisa Maggiore’s Mobile Massage regularly for a while now. I always look forward to her pleasant, friendly visit, right in the comfort and convenience of my own home. Lisa’s massage treatments always leave me feeling calm and relaxed. Sometimes we chat about diet, nutrition and general well-being. I recommend her services highly.

Chris, Hockley Valley, ON

Lisa has a passion for Massage. I was having the worst shoulder pains and sciatic nerve issues with
my lower back, to make matters worse, I was having trouble sleeping at night. Lisa has not only
solved my pain issues but, has restored my sleeping habits and I haven’t slept better!

I would highly endorse Lisa for anyone looking for Professional Massage.

Joe C. 
Hillsburgh, ON