Reiki (Pronounced – Ray Key) is spiritually guided energy connecting to the energy system in your body.
Reiki assists in opening up and clearing the energy system in your body to promote healing.

Reiki was founded in Japan in 1914 by Dr. Mikao Usui. If you’d like to read more about the history of Reiki, visit:

Reiki sessions vary according to the individual and the healing that is required. In general, Reiki sessions are very relaxing and comforting. After a brief introductionReiki Orangeville , you will be asked to lay fully clothed on a massage table. You will be covered with a blanket and gentle music will play in the background to help you leave your concerns outside. Since I’ll be concentrating on your energy system I will not talk during a Reiki session, unless you initiate it. Many people doze off into a light sleep during the session. Some people feel different sensations such as heat, tingly movements, waves, heaviness or lightness. Some people see colours and pictures or even have a thought from a long time ago. A Reiki session varies so much because it’s personalized just for you. And, since it is a loving energy source it is always working to heal you for your highest good.

For your session, wear comfortable clothing; remove glasses, shoes and unnecessary heavy jewelry. Since you’ll remain fully clothed it’s important for you to be completely comfortable. I’ll also ask you to leave your cell phone and other electronic devices off so there are no interruptions during your session.

Reiki is not a religion, nor is it based on the acceptance of any religious doctrine. Having a belief system is not a requirement for Reiki to work. Reiki does not infringe on anyone’s right to believe what he or she wishes. However, Reiki’s principles are spiritual in nature and do encourage spiritual empowerment and growth.

Reiki also works well with animals; for the same reasons it works well on children and people of all ages. Have you ever noticed that when you pet an animal, he rolls over to receive more or looks at you with lovey-dovey eyes or sighs?

Animals respond to your loving touch and intention. Reiki is another way to help your animals feel better. You can give Reiki to animals in the following situations:

  • When they are ill: Reiki helps the healing process and works with any type of medical intervention.
  • When they are young or old: You can use Reiki on an animal of any age or situation.
  • When they have been through a trauma: Animals can use loving energy after they’ve experienced any type of abuse, loss, or move, or if they seem to exhibit depression or other behavioral disorder. Even if you don’t know what the problem is, you can use Reiki to help.

Giving Reiki to a sick animal helps the human companions of animals as much as it helps the animals themselves.

As is the case for humans, Reiki healing may lead to the alleviation of an animal’s illness, but it may also lead to a peaceful death. Reiki doesn’t change the natural order of events, but it enhances the experience by giving a dose of love.

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